UI/UX, Brand, Motion, Code

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Space Monkey

I had the amazing priveledge of being the first designer to help Space Monkey launch their innovative cloud storage product. Taking on the likes of Dropbox and Google, I collaborated with developers to design V1 of the desktop, mobile, and web apps for the product, as well as helping shape the budding brand identity.

Pure Predictive

Pure Predictive, a cutting edge data anyalitcs company, approached Axis41 to help them overhaul their brand. As lead designer, I helped created a visual system that captures and conveys the power of data.


As part of my senior BFA studies, I took an existing brand and gave it a completley new look. Aldomak is a Scottish chocolate company with an almost century old heritage. I created a new logo and packaging to convey sophistication and quality.


A modern take on apothecary style packaging. These concepts were for a new line of products by Modere. Though the client went a different direction, I was pleased with how they turned out.